The Cup of Creativity.

by Christine on May 19, 2011

The Cup of Creativity.

Dedicated to Families and Friends .

I admired the single unique China Cup sitting on the shelf. The embossing and intricate artwork was magnificent. This cup was worth a small fortune , a one of a kind special edition produced each year by a leading china manufacturer. This was known as “The Cup of Creativity”. It sat in a display box which was almost as elaborate as the cup itself. This cup was awarded as prize for the top artist in the art school I attended. It was customary at the end of each year for art groups to vote for their favorite artist based on most original and creative works and the tutors would tally up the votes.

At the end of year party one year I was awarded “The Cup of Creativity”. With hundred’s of students attending this school, it was quite an honour to be selected. Fellow students congratulated me . There were many remarks and opinions, some good, some bad. But at the end of the day I was taking the prized prestigious cup home with me. This gave me publicity and exposure so I was able to showcase my creative work to the world. From now on I wasn’t known as just Lucy, I was addressed as Lucy the prize winner of The Cup of Creativity . Proud I was , ooh yes !

One day many years later I was shifting house and I started to package a handful of breakable items extra carefully along with my prized cup, which I had never actually taken out of the display box so it was never used as a functional piece, just an ornament reminding me of my pride and glory. I removed the cover of the display box so I could pack extra padding around the cup ready for the journey in the removalist truck. As I lifted the cup from the box and held it carefully in my hands, I noticed something odd, the other side of the cup was plain dark-blue without any elaborate design and there was a small chip on the edge. I sat there for a moment trying to make sense of it along with my mixed feelings. Had I been ripped-off and given a cheap fake replica? were all the cups awarded over the years like this or was it just mine? should I get in touch with the other winners to find out? should I contact the Art School and complain and get a replacement? should I just throw it away? after all I will always have the title as Prizewinner, no one ever asked to examine the cup, oh so much confusion. I wrapped it in newspaper very roughly, shoved it in a box with a few other nic-nacs and sent it off with the removalists not giving it the care it deserved and not giving it a second thought – it was now history to me.

After some weeks and a long journey, we eventually arrived at our new place and started unpacking finding new homes for every item. As I unloaded a tea-chest I came across the scrunched up newspaper, removing it only to find “The Cup of Creativity” . I got the same familiar joy as I admired the beautiful intricate work and then I was reminded of the blue side with the flaw but then as I looked closer I noticed that the chip was not a chip but a delicately painted design in the shape of a tear-drop. Taking a magnifying glass the words around the outside of the tear drop said “I am me” . Now I was puzzled.

How could one simple cup cause so many emotions. From ecstatic and proud to bewildered and confused to disappointed and discard then back to joy, intrigue and now puzzled. I pondered a while. At the end of the day, it was still The Cup of Creativity. As the tear-drop said “I am me”. All this while, nothing had ever changed about the cup, it was the same cup now as it was the day I received it. It was the way I had chosen to perceive it that made it everchanging.

I wonder if you have met anyone that you held so high on a pedestal for so long and the moment they appeared slightly imperfect you discarded them like old newspaper only to realise much later that they were always just the same beautiful person and their flaws were just a part of their uniqueness that they agreed to wear in this life. Remember your friends and family are precious, put aside your judgement and treat each one of them knowing you only have one more day with them.


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Nikki Murray May 22, 2011 at 2:25 am

Hi Mum, That’s a cool verse. I cried when I read the last bit because it is so true.
Love you lots
Nikki xxxx

admin May 22, 2011 at 10:12 am

Yes Nikki many people never see through it. For every hundred good things we do, we may do one bad thing. You can only guess which one we will be remembered for – Love Mum xoxoxox

Lynette Knebel May 23, 2011 at 1:17 am

Very true and makes you realise how precious everyone really is…

admin May 23, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Lyn, we’re still learning

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