Aspects of Life !

Trying to keep a balance in life is a challenge at the best of times – especially when we spend a great deal working. I love to capture as much of the moment as I can while out in the bush , at the beach, with family, at events or travelling to that special place. Hi my name is Chrissie and this is my personal blog designed to share and interact with people . Aspects of Life are the key areas of our life broken into distinct groups. How do we know what dominates our life? Refer to the page “What are Aspects of Life?” – there is a brief exercise that helps us identify what dominates our life.
Precious Others

William, Jazzie and Rascal at Terrigal

Our Immediate Family

Let me introduce myself in the traditional way known as “Pepeha”,  in Maori the native tongue of New Zealand.

Pepeha is likened to an introduction but the traditional introduction reads like a story of who we are by the aspects that define our origin so I have included an english translation. The words lose some of their meaning and substance in english translation but there is no other equivalent. The canoe is significant as we were all a part of a great migration and our canoe determined lineage along with what stage of the migration we arrived in New Zealand and the location we arrived at was also significant. From where we came is a mystery to many because our land Hawaiiki no longer exists and was a land returning to the sea and is now underwater, often mistaken for Hawaii – was not Hawaii, but was located in that same area.

Ko Maungarangi te maunga – Maungarangi is my Mountain
Ko Otara te awa –  Otara is my River
Ko Te Rere te marae –  Te Rere is my Marae
Ko Teiringa te wharetipuna –  Teiringa is my Meeting House
Ko Whiripare te wharekai  – Whiripare is my Eating House
Ko Ngati Ngahere te hapu – Ngati Ngahere is my Sub-tribe
Ko Te Whakatohea te iwi –  Whakatohea is my Tribe
Ko Mataatua te waka  – Mataatua is my canoe

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